We, the Communications Workers of America, believing that as an integral part of society we are entitled to an equitable share in the products of our labor and realizing that our welfare can be best protected and advanced through this Constitution, under God, seek to form a more perfect means of securing for ourselves, and labor generally, full employment of the inherent rights and dignities which our institutions were ordained to preserve.






Movement Building

February Meeting will be held the SECOND Tuesday of the Month at Homestead Grill 357 N Generals Blvd, Lincolnton

Help Our Brother

Marty Hill needs our help.  He is a Facility Technician in Charlotte that is currently at CMC fighting for his Life. Please Try TO HELP!

Please Keep the Johnson Family in Your Thoughts and Prayers​ Jeff was a Service Technician for AT&T for 19yrs working out of Newton and Lincolnton NC  


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